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Mineral Body Lotion

Mineral Body Lotion

Available in 3 Scents - Natural (Very subtle, almost unscented), Cucumber-Melon and Ocean Breeze

An infusion of natural moisturizers, Adovia's Mineral Body Lotion glides on smoothly and absorbs quickly to deeply hydrate your skin from the inside, without clogging pores. Dead Sea minerals, Verbena Oil, Olive Oil and Evening Primrose oil provide lasting, natural moisture. Shea Butter and Green Tea add elasticity to your skin, while Chamomile and Aloe Vera calm your skin and leave it soft, smooth and radiant. It also contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E for optimum skin health

Directions: Use daily after shower and apply over your entire body or where needed. Good times to use our Dead Sea lotion are when the skin is very dry, as well as after exposure to the sun.

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