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Light Eczema Relief Kit

Eczema Relief Kit for Light to Medium Severity

Authentic Dead Sea Bath Salt - Unscented - 2 pounds - Bathe daily or every other day (depending on severity of Eczema). Put 1 cup of Dead Sea salts into bath and allow to dissolve. Then relax and let the salts do their job!

The high mineral content in our authentic Dead Sea bath salts has been proven to help relieve Eczema. Bathe in about 1 cup of these salts either every night or every other night (depending on the severity of the Eczema) and you will feel and see it getting better in about 1 week. Skin will be softer, not irritated and feel and look much better overall. Body Mud from The Dead Sea - Use every other day before the shower or bath on affected areas. Allow mud to dry for about 10-15 minutes and rinse off.

From the depths of the spot on earth with the highest concentration of natural health-enhancing minerals, Cleopatra's Choice brings you Dead Sea Black Mineral Mud. The special natural ingredients cleanse and disinfect the skin, while refreshing and revitalizing it and maintaining the skin's natural moisture levels. Dead Sea Mud is known to quickly relieve Eczema symptoms such as redness, irritation, itching and rashes.

Shea Body Butter - Apply after shower or bath or as needed.

Get natural Eczema relief and treatment while nourishing and soothing skin with this Mineral-Rich Body Butter that combines Shea Butter, Dead Sea minerals and natural oils that soften and revitalize the skin. Shea Butter is unique in its high concentration of Vitamins A and E that nourish the skin and make it look healthy.

Dead Sea Black Mud Soap - Use in the shower daily.

Our All Natural Black Mud Soap contains a unique combination of Dead Sea minerals derived from Dead Sea Mud. This effective mud soap removes dirt and cleanses your skin, while simultaneously infusing it with minerals essential to keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized. This soap is very gentle and is the perfect daily soap for some looking to get constant, natural relief from Eczema. We have many clients who have Eczema or children with Eczema that buy this soap 10 at a time - because it works!